Apply to be a Vendor at Folly Fest 2018

Are you a food vendor?

If outside, you will need to bring your own tent cover, table and outdoor grounded (long) power cords. Power is limited, and we will do out best to situate you in a space with power access. If you can bring solar or battery powered lighting you win bonus points.

If inside, please come prepared to make the booth space your own.  Each booth comes with a 5' long counter height bench that you can move around to help show off your wares. The walls and the bench are bare.

Some of the booth spaces are darker than the others, please consider bringing extra lighting and power cords.

Please aim to arrive between noon and 2pm on Friday afternoon. This helps us cut down on car traffic early. If you cannot arrive by that time please contact Jen with more information at

The art market vendor hours are:
Friday 5pm-11pm
Saturday 10am- 11pm
Sunday 10 am- 5pm.

You are required to stay until at least 4pm Sunday, unless you make prior arrangements. Having an empty vendor barn on Sundays doesn't make anyone feel great.

Upon acceptance 50% deposit of the vendor fee for one person/booth will be required before any advertisement for your brand will be shared via social media in affiliation with Folly Fest.