Born in 1996 in Toronto Ontario, Jerry-Faye is a local singer song writer that plays guitar and sings at various venues in the Fredericton and Saint John area. Jerry-Faye started singing for live audiences when she was 8 years old, (her mother claims that she was 3, however) starting off her performing career with her brother, Sheehan. Since then, not much has changed except for time. Jerry-Faye continues to sing and play guitar with her brother, and has enjoyed playing with others in bands including Regardless and Brother Faye that you can find on Bandcamp. She has played at many music festivals including Folly Fest, Evolve, Ham Jam, Afternoon Delight, and Midsummer Madness. Jerry-Faye currently lives in Fredericton, NB where she has just finished up her first year of university at St. Thomas in the journalism and communications program. In her spare time, she enjoys jamming with her friends and writing songs while getting ready to play another fun show show!

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