Starting with the passion for music guitar player Brad Stuart and drummer Alex Cook began jamming. With a very simple sound they realized something more was needed. New guitarist Bennett Anthony was added to the line up. With his classic rock style he made the sound more solid, but a bass line was still needed. Good friend of the band, Jordan Travis, was immediately thought of for the position. His jammy inspiration added the flow that the band needed.

Immediately the band starting clicking. A new sound was being created with a mix of the jam band scene, rock, and an upbeat groove. The sound was too much for the group let go to waste, since then Lemonisco have proudly shared the stage with artists such as Fireball, Japanese band Sleepy Head, Slowcoaster, and ECMA nominees Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew. Also play with other well known local talent The Ideal Gas Law.

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