To get you geared up, we’re announcing 3 of our *most anticipated* artists for what will certainly be the BEST FOLLY YET! Have a look, listen, and get ready for ticket launch in just a few short weeks.

Afrikana Soul Sister

For the first time ever, Afrikana Soul Sister (Montreal, QC) will grace the Folly stage. These Quebec-based artists of the French and African diaspora are the perfect groove-masters for the mainstage – they blend electronic rhythms with traditional African drumming and vocal melody that plunges its roots in traditions of past millenia. We can’t wait to welcome Afrikana Soul Sister to the fairgrounds!

Elephant Skeletons

Next we have the always entrancing Elephant Skeletons from Moncton, NB! Elephant Skeletons crafts experimental electronic music that will put you in a hypnotic dance trance. Start doing your stretches now to get limbered up!


Lastly (for today), we’re beyond stoked to have our favourite friendly Americans Carinae return to the fairgrounds! You may remember their mind-altering Yippie performance from last year, which was definitely a Folly X highlight. They’ve got the psychedelic guitar licks, the skin-tight rhythm section, and some of the most perfect harmonies since the Beach Boys – all wrapped up in a chaotic rock n roll package. Let’s hear it for Carinae!

If these announcements aren’t enough to get you STOKED, you just wait! You’ve got plenty of time to get ready for Super Early Bird tickets – launching March 1st!