Feb 15 announcement

We’re going to keep this announcement train a-rolling, putting the summer vibes in your wintery day! So far we’ve announced Alysha Brilla, Afrikana Soul Sister & Carinae, are you ready for 3 more artists to get you stoked for ticket launch on March 1st?


First up, we announce the first-time Folly appearance by the one (two) and only FORTUNATE ONES! They’re nominated for 4 East Coast Music Awards, and it’s easy to see why. With the most lovely harmonies on the Newfoundland coast, let’s give these songbirds a warm Folly welcome 🙂




And we all know that Folly Fest isn’t Folly Fest without THE GALPINES! Full of bad-assery, tom-foolery, and sex ed for kids of all-ages, these talented gals aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what to do before you ‘stick it’. Rumour has it, they’ve got an exciting new addition to the line-up ~ we can’t wait for the Galpines!




Lastly (for today): entering the Folly ring, first-time contenders ready to rumble with washboard and jugs in tow, The Vaudevillian are here! Recent transplants to the East Coast via Hamilton, ON, we couldn’t be happier to have these folks around more and more often.




Don’t forget, tickets launch on March 1st. Save over 40% off gate price by getting a Super Early Bird, but be ready – they sell out awfully quick!