Folly Camping Options – Find Your Zone!

We know that sleeping arrangements can be a confusing part of a festival experience, so we’ve tried to give everyone an option that works for them! Have a look at the many options for slumber:

“Party Zone Camping” (located between the main roads and the Silent Disco Barn) – Do you love a good drum circle, acoustic jam, or impromptu dance sesh? Are you a party puppy that loves to make new friends? Do you have a crew that loves crushing beers and getting freaky? The Party Zone is the place for you! There’s no curfew in Party Zone camping, but there are quiet corners that can be found! Folks are generally quite respectful, but please be considerate and courteous!
“Party Zone Camping” – $15/night (or FREE with a weekend pass)

“Family Zone Camping” (located past the Yippie Stage & bathrooms) – Do you have youngins in your crew that need a good night’s rest? Are you an early riser that will be yawning as the sun goes down? Are you an introvert that requires alone time at night? Family Camping might be a good zone for you! Folly is a family-friendly festival, so expect to meet lots of children and children-at-heart in the Family Camping zone! Family Camping has a strict noise curfew of 11 pm, and considerations for child-friendly language and substances. Think of the children!
“Family Camping” – $15/night (or FREE with a weekend pass). Kids under 12 are free!

“Semi-Quiet Camping” (located past the Silent Disco Barn) – Do you like a good time, but like your sleeping bag too? Do you enjoy visiting with pals, but need a quiet getaway? Are drum circles not your thing? Semi-Quiet Camping might be the spot for you! The Semi-Quiet zone is located near the Party Zone, but folks don’t bring the party up past the barn. There is no enforced curfew, but there is an expectation that this zone is zen. It won’t be 100% soundproof, so bring earplugs, just in case.
“Semi-Quiet Camping” – $15/night (or FREE with a weekend pass).

“RV Parking” (located in Family Zone or Party Zone) – Set up your home away from home just steps away from the Folly stages! We welcome all RVs to the Folly campgrounds, and want you to enjoy Folly to its fullest extent! In order to ensure everyone’s safety, there are guidelines for RV parking:
1. Family Zone RV parking is on a first-booked, first-serve basis ($45 hookup fee paid in advance). 
2. If you want to party but have an RV, park in the Party Zone (very limited hook-ups available), or leave it in the Family Zone while you galavant around camp. Please don’t bring the party back with you!
3. There are limited hook-ups in the Party Zone, available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get there early! Party Zone parking is $15/night, or free with a weekend pass.
4. All RVs in Family Zone must be parked by Thursday night, and exit on Monday morning (unless otherwise arranged prior to Folly, or in case of emergency). It is preferred that RVs in the Party Zone also arrive by Thursday night.
RV Parking – $45 hookup fee (paid in advance) in Family Zone, or $15/night in Party Zone (FREE with a weekend pass)