GTB Live Album!

Feels Good Folly Fest has long been a home for local artists to reunite, collaborate & celebrate. Now in its 11th year, Folly Fest has made a name for itself through presenting unique events not just at Folly Fest (June 28 – 30th, 2019), but year-round. With next-level artists like OKA, Alysha Brilla and Afrikana Soul Sister headlining this year’s edition, it promises to be nothing short of unforgettable.

To add even more excitement, Folly Fest has announced a live recording by some of New Brunswick’s most beloved genre-bending jammers. GRAND THEFT BUS will record a live album at the 11th annual Folly Fest – and it will be available on VINYL! ‘The Bus’, as they are lovingly known, have been a band for well over a decade now, with five releases under their belt, but this will mark the first live recording the band has ever completed. The live recording will be pressed to limited edition 12” vinyl (available for pre-order now on Indiegogo).

Relaxed and coy as usual, Grand Theft Bus member Tim Walker laughingly pledges “We promise we’ll tune our guitars and play our very best!” Brother Graeme Walker added that they hope to see some of their fans from throughout the last decade make the trek to Folly Fest for this special event.

Grand Theft Bus is one of Folly’s most frequent acts, with 2019 marking their 5th performance in the band’s 18 year run. They truly feel at home on the Folly stage, and cannot wait to put their love for Folly Fest onto wax! 

All profits from the sale of this record will go toward supporting Feels Good Community, a non-profit organization that presents arts events (including Folly Fest) across the Maritimes year-round.

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