Afrikana Soul Sister

Playing on Friday

For the first time ever, we are delighted to announce Afrikana Soul Sister to Folly Fest 2019. These Quebec-based artists of the French and African diaspora are the perfect groove-masters for the mainstage, and we can’t wait to welcome them to the fairgrounds!

A trip between Africa and North America, one foot in tradition and the other in modernity, Afrikana Soul Sister blend electronic rhythms with traditional African drumming and vocal melody that plunges its roots in traditions of past millenia.

Griot (traditional African oral poet) Djely Tapa adds “Afrikana Soul Sister achieve a balance between openness and tradition, without distorting the message. Music becomes a point of contact between the two worlds.” Band member Jean-François Lemieux adds: “It’s important for us to carry a message – that we are all humans who share values despite our differences… music plays a social role that goes beyond the concept of stardom.”

The result: fun, wild rhythms, palpable energy, obvious complicity between band members and, of course, a ubiquitous social message.

“It’s really in performance that you perceive the essence of Afrikana Soul Sister”, notes Djely Tapa, “In rhythm, messages go beyond the words and dialects.”


Playing on: Friday
Stage: FeelsGood Stage
Genres: Afro-électro