Playing on Friday

We’re beyond stoked to have our favourite friendly Americans Carinae return to the fairgrounds! You may remember their mind-altering Yippie performance from last year, which was definitely a Folly X highlight. They’ve got the psychedelic guitar licks, the skin-tight rhythm section, and some of the most perfect harmonies since the Beach Boys – all wrapped up in a chaotic rock n roll package. Let’s hear it for Carinae!

Carinae is an unstable star in the constellation of the Western Massachusetts music scene. Three-part vocal harmonies orbit around patchwork guitar and keyboard textures laced with driving rhythms. Lyrics that bring you home and stretch you out. Star gazing in an open field.

“An homage to a distant star, far brighter than our own Sun, Massachusetts natives Carinae produce their own brand of psych-rock as individual and unique as their name…a strong focus on vocals and lyrical content, an element overlooked by many of their colleagues, without losing their laid-back grooves.”
-Brian Varneke, The Deli Magazine


Playing on: Friday
Stage: Yippie Stage
Genres: Psych Rock
Hometown: Hadley, Massachusetts