Incendia Motus

Playing on friday

“Incendia” comes from the Latin word for Fire and “Motus” from the Greek word for Motion; a fitting name for a troupe which offers an expert balancing act of big fire and movement to entertain audiences across North America. These performers share a love of audiences. They are constantly striving to evoke enthusiatic responses with the mind-blowing feats they perform; artfully combining object manipulation, audience participation and improv comedy to weave around their huge Fire and breath-taking Acrobatics. From the streets to full-scale productions, Incendia Motus is a versatile and experienced Circus crew. ¬†Whatever you’re celebrating, they will bring excitement, entertainment (and just a hint of danger) to heat up your event!!


Playing on: Friday
Stage: Circus Arts Stage
Genres: Fire, Movement
Hometown: Saint John, New Brunswick