Playing on Friday
Everyone’s band bios relay how innovative their sound is, but Motherhood’s sound really is innovative. Honest. Described as widely as weirdo country, circus punk, and black metal fusion, the New Brunswick-based trio has reluctantly settled on “Art rock” as a catch-all. But as their genre remains illusory, their aesthetic is palpable: if you get comfortable, you deserve to be duped. Formed in 2010, Motherhood has released two full-lengths , an EP , and a split tape to date. The band has spent several years cutting their teeth on the road, touring nationally and playing notable national festivals to consistently confounded audiences – and that’s just how they like it. 2017 promises big things for Motherhood, with CMW, Lawnya Vawnya, Ottawa Explosion, and Sled Island already on the docket. The band is preparing to enter the studio once again, with an expected full-length release in the winter of 2017-2018. Motherhood aspires to be the Beatles of N.B., in that they want to make interesting music that people actually want to listen.


Playing on: Friday
Stage: Yippee
Genres: Art Rock
Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick