Playing on Saturday

2019 will be a Folly of firsts – let’s make history! We can’t wait for you to hear another Folly first-timer, the afro-beat, disco-funky goodness that is PAPAGROOVE. This Montreal-based crew has what it takes to make you move your feet, hips, arms, legs, head – you’ll be grooving all over with a disco fever!

With its high-energy afro-funk fusion influenced by Fela Kuti’s political afrobeat, Parliament’s groovy funk, James Brown’s soul flavour, Bruno Mars’ bubbly pop and Jimi Hendrix’s rock intensity, Papagroove — easily recognizable by its raw spirit, its mastery of improvisation and its explosive presence — were born to be wild and free! The band is always ready to surprise, and for Papagroove, music is and will remain the best weapon of all.

With nearly a dozen members and more brass than you could shake a fist at, Papagroove are ready to bring the heat to Folly 2019!