Shrimp Ring

Playing on Saturday

The year is 1984. Ronald Reagan is playing a synthesizer on a space station. Margaret Thatcher is a breakdancing robot. And a teenage Justin Trudeau is getting baked out of his mind and listening to CRASS. It’s just another day aboard the Space-Hosted Rotating Inertial Manned Platform (S.H.R.I.M.P. Ring).
Shrimp Ring is a synth-pop duo from Saint John, NB. All the songs are about fleeing the ruins of planet Earth after the demise of human civilization and trying to rebuild life on an orbiting space station. “Countdown To Oblivion” is the band’s third release of zero-gravity dance party anthems. The four-song EP attempts to answer some important questions, such as: What are we going to name the first baby born in space?


Playing on: Saturday

Stage: Silent Disco

Genres: Space Goth Synth Disco

Hometown: Saint John, NB

Human Brain Freezer

"Human Brain Freezer" video by Shrimp Ring 👾😘 🍤💍Download the song here ~

Posted by Shrimp Ring on Wednesday, January 17, 2018